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Chapter Rules
HOG Chapter Handbook: HOG Chapter Rule Book 2023. Rules as set by HOG AU to be used for chapters and members information. (2,382.3 Kb)
HOG AU Handbook_2023: HOG AU Chapter Handbook_2023 (2,382.3 Kb)
Information Booklet: Chapter Information Booklet (318.0 Kb)
Rules of Association: Chapter Rules of Association (967.2 Kb)
Meeting Minutes
April 2024 Meeting Minutes: Minutes of Meeting held on 3 April 2024. (2,053.4 Kb)
Feb 2024 Meeting Minutes: Feb 2024 meeting minutes (1,800.0 Kb)
Issue 162 Jan-July 2023: Director: Chapter Newsletter Issue 162 Jan to July 2023 (2,587.7 Kb)
Issue 161 Aug - Oct 2021: Editor: (1,742.9 Kb)
Issue 160 Jan - July 2021: (2,842.6 Kb)
Ride Information
HOG Milage Form: form for completion to enter HOG Milage (279.4 Kb)