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Local Chapter Meeting
Nov 6

Local Chapter Meeting

Date & Time
6 November 2019 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Local Chapter meeting First Wednesday of the month

Sunday 3rd Nov 2019
Compression Vs Depression
10th Annual Compression Vs Depression. Come along and support Northern Rider raise funds to help combat depression More info as it comes to light. ...
Friday 15th Nov 2019 - Sunday 17th Nov 2019
National Rally @ Walcha NSW
National Harley Rally in combination with the Freak Show (Festival of Motorcycles) ...

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Director    Gary Payne (Gaz)                       0427 273 538
Assistant Director Matt Denehy (Sir-Lunch-A-Lot)    0409 396 355
Secretary Ali Payne (Trouble)                     0419 433 095
Treasurer Chris Launder   (Sir Delete)        0407 715 478
Activities Ron Nugent (Nugget)                   0431 170 626
Head Road Captain Ron Nugent                0431 170 626