This event has ended!
Oct 31

HARLEY DAYS – Cancelled

Date & Time
31 October 2018 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Sunday 21st Oct 2018
Social Members BBQ Ride
TBA hosting Please advise if you are attending to for catering ...
Thursday 1st Nov 2018 - Saturday 3rd Nov 2018
Demo Day @ Coffs Vtwins
Decide on your ride ...

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Events as scheduled are subject to change as circumstances arise and will be notified by email and/or on the website where possible
– please check your email inbox or watch this site regularly Rides/events may be changed / postponed /cancelled subject to weather conditions – contact numbers as below.

All overnight rides require members to book with Ali a week prior to the date – contact number as below

Ride times

Pay particular attention to the meeting place and time for the ride as stated in the Calendar.


Director Matt Denehy (Sir-Lunch-A-Lot)    0409 396 355
Assistant Director Jo Faulks (Jo Pink)        0429 946 882
Secretary Ali Payne (Trouble)                    0419 433 095
Treasurer Shane Ironside (Shaneo)           0407 715 478
Activities Ali Payne (Trouble)                      0419 433 095
Head Road Captain Les Skennar               0427 878 016